Wednesday, 4 August 2010

It has been a busy day and I have made it my job to try to understand Girlcats better. Here you can see Harris-veli and myself wishing to acquaint ourselves with Roosa (who is undeniably very pretty even if she has no tail). Those of you who know my kingdom will realise she has come downstairs - the Door has been open for a few hours and some exploring has been done. Roosa was the only one to come downstairs, but a few of us ventured inside the Office to sniff and investigate.
Risto and Rilli sat patiently and made sure we were watched. Tuomo-veli was growled at by Rilli and we somehow think Tuomo will not try to fight. Stran-veli was being totally cool and just came to eat (the Muhos gang have nice, expensive biscuits in a lovely bowl - we still have to struggle with the 'interactive' trays). After filling his ever-growing tummy he then went downstairs and fell asleep. He has such a cool attitude!
But now this evening the Muhos bunch are back in the Office and we are draped all over the house snoring. Here I am sitting nobly under a clever portrait of Stran-veli which is made up from hundreds of pictures of the Britcats from a few years ago. The cupboard underneath it is new and it is fast becoming a favourite place for us to sleep - but of course I get priority as everyone knows I rule the roost!


Carolyn said...

Now the Finncats outnumber the Britcats! Hope there's no competition. Roosa is indeed very pretty - if a little hard to spot at first!

Katnip Lounge said...

If you EVER figure out GirlCats, please let us know. The ManCats here, well, we're pretty clueless and we get paw-smacked often.

Aiti will have to update your header soon, it seems like the integration is almost complete!

The Creek Cats said...

Oh my, Roosa is a beauty! We're happy to hear the integration is going so well!

Wow, that portrait of Stran-veli is wonderful!

We mancats here have no clue about girlcats!!!