Sunday, 1 August 2010

I have finally been allowed back to my blog. I do not know where to begin - things are so confusing for a young King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) here. I need some respect! I have been hissed and growled at, and this is not nice. Stran-veli is having many man-cat chats with me and telling me to 'chill' but it is hard when My Office is now full of Muhos-cats - two who hide and one who makes really deep growls and hisses at me! What have I done, except welcome these kitties into my home?!
And I have to be careful what I say to Äiti, especially as she caught me doing something not so friendly with Aila-sisko at 4am. I wish girlcats would be quiet - I was only just playing and seeing how far I could make her hide on top of the cupboards when she began whining and then, erm, jumped off. And with her naughty kneecap even I felt bad that she fell 2 metres onto the floor. And I got caught then, didn't I: I got the blame! So I then was locked out of the bedroom and couldn't have my snuggle with Äiti's feet for three hours this morning. Voi ei. So there I lay outside the bedroom door feeling very sad.
Äiti says I must report on progress, and be nice about it! Well, all of the R's have eaten Rilli is very confident and has said 'hello' in a growly, hissy,moany way to me, Mirsku and Stran. Stran-veli was eating all his food and didn't care - which he said was the best thing to do, after all he (Stran) is boss cat. Rilli may think he can be boss cat but he is quite old and maybe perhaps he cannot cope with my exuberant youth.
Risto (Äiti has said he isn't really very 'reipas' at the moment, hehe) has been eating and sat outside until he got nervous, and then he went to hide behind the sofa with Roosa. Roosa has also eaten and there have been two stinky litter tray deposits between them all, so Äiti is very pleased with progress. The food bowls (I notice) are being filled up often and the packs of treats are being emptied. They also have been given a catnip cigar (please note, the rest of us have not had one of these for at least a week). So maybe progress is good - despite the fact that they haven't recognised me as King immediately.

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Katnip Lounge said...

Well, we are happy you have your blog back, Pikku! And your report on the New Cats was quite good. We're glad to hear that food is going in and coming out...always a good sign.
It may take a little while for the Muhos to recognize you as King...give it a bit until you can talk without the yowling and hisses, like civilized Cats.