Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hyvää viikonloppua! A good weekend! I love the days when we don't look sadly at Äiti as she leaves for work. And the weekend started well as at 3am I felt very cheeky and bit a few toes. And somehow we managed to get breakfast an hour early. Then, after a chase around the catio we did hear the door shut and we were left -all doors open - alone for a few hours. And I am delighted to report there was no stinky weeing, and Stran-veli did not harass Risto. And Aila-sisko has been confidently running around and daring to sit on the chair which Risto perfumed last week.
When Äiti returned she was carrying 20 boxes of cat litter, which will hopefully be enough for a couple of months. She then disappeared again and came back with 'stuff' to build our tuulikaappi. Now Äiti says she does not know a word for this in English, but she hopes to build us a little tunnel from our cat curtains inside, so that we go through another curtain to get out. This means we will not freeze the house in autumn and spring (we're not so sure whether we'll even want to go out in winter!). It's a little air-lock entrance really. Anyway, I am looking forward to supervising its construction tomorrow. But none of us will be up early for it as we had a new catnip cigar tonight.
Harris-veli and I have been chasing flying pink mousies ever since.

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Katnip Lounge said...

Oh those catnip cigars are potent, aren't they? We see the flying spotted pink mousies too!

We are interested in your air-lock tunnel. It sounds like it'll serve the same purpose as our Lobby into the Little Out. Ours helps keep the hot and cold out quite well. And we bet the tunnel will be fun! Punapippuri, remember it is Your Job to make sure it's constucted properly!

Mommy says "Hurrah!" that all of you Cats are getting along. And that 20 boxes of kitty litter is quite a feat of hauling!