Sunday, 29 August 2010

As you know, there have been many changes in perheeni, and times have been interesting. But it does feel that we are now settling and a new hierarchy is beginning. Let it be understood of course, that I am King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) and this dynamic of course has my full support, and if I wanted to, I could rule everyone with a strong paw if I wished. But I don't, and sometimes it can ll be a bit scary - but don't tell anyone that!

Having spent a night exiled outside thanks to the Evil Flap - which still will not show me the respect I deserve - I have made sure I get the snuggles I need from Äiti. Yesterday however Tuomo-veli dared join me on her lap.
This was tolerated because I am a sensitive leader, and Tuomo-veli's place in our hierarchy has perhaps changed the most so I didn't want to upset him even more. Notably, Aila-sisko is no longer a cowering girlcat and even though she does whinge and whine if he stares at her, she also can wield a fearsome paw and biff him hard so that he now runs away.
Äiti says she has the 'old Aila' back, as she is now in every room at any time she wants. Suddenly her confidence has grown (and now we all have to watch out). No bowl of food is safe from her tongue and curious paw-dabs, and whenever Äiti tries to work she comes to sit on the laptop (in the past, she has actually broken two laptop screens). Although we are really pleased she is fully recovered from her naughty patellae, she is earning the title 'bloody nuisance' quite often.
Harris-veli's confidence has also grown and I am intrigued that the Evil Flap lets him in and out, and not me! Harris spends loads of time out on the catio, and is also playing much more with string toys. He still adores Stran-veli who is our Boss Cat still.
Stran has stopped the fighting but will still stand in quite an imposing way near Risto, who is usually a safe distance away now. He has a couple of scabby ears which are recovering slowly, and a chin sore with acne. Because his test results were 'excellent' (hyvää Stran!), he has had some injections which should help clear up his chin. He is of course keeping up a healthy appetite through all of these recent changes.
Mirsku-veli has found it quite hard to keep up with everything and even though he is a truly Fatboy, he's actually all soft and playful, so any aggression has been a shock to him. He only wants to roll on his back and rabbit-kick at catnip toys, so he has been a little careful recently - especially as Aila-sisko is about more (and like me he doesn't quite understand girlcats). Also, Tuomo-veli has been trying to play with him, and Tuomo hasn't quite learned not to use claws which can be a little painful sometimes (just ask ystävämme eläinlääkäri, hehehe).

But here is a lovely picture of Rilli and Tuomo-veli, just passing the time of day. Rilli-ukko (which is my name for him as he is a nice old grandpa cat) is now spending a lot of time in the whole house with us.

He has a routine of lying on Äiti before she goes to sleep, and then maybe once in the middle of the night. He purrs like a loud motor, and is very friendly. He also has a huge capacity to detect and consume Dreamies. We are very grateful to Carolyn-täti in England for sending more, but fear that the we will soon run out again.......
Lewis-veli is staying upstairs a lot of the time, but now that we have three feeding areas in the house, he is appearing at food times and enjoying the Mjau we now have. Risto is a little nervous still, but he has gained control over his stinky spraying and Äiti is watching his bottom less. We have had a couple of 'incidents' last week, but it is much better. However I am not so happy that he has stolen my 'nest' in the best cat tree upstairs. I used to sleep there so I could monitor stair activity, but now he is hogging the place. I keep dropping hints to Äiti we need another cat tree with a nest, as he cannot be in both at the same time!
And Roosa is gaining in confidence - there will be pictures of her soon. I think she is such pretty little tortie, and hope we can get to know each other much better.
And I am happy that all is settling. I have gained much wisdom from perheeni and the little differences of opinion that we have from time to time. I know at the end of the day Stran-veli is always here to give me an earwash and bottom sniff, and that Äiti will always have a comfy, unopened Finnish language book to fall asleep on. Afterall, she's too busy caring for us to do her homework.


The Creek Cats said...

Thanks for the update on your family. We are so glad to hear Aila is doing will with her naughty kneecaps and she is free to roam the house.
We're happy to announce Maggie May's medication is working on her now and she is able to roam around our house as well.

Katnip Lounge said...

Wow! We are so happy that everybody is settling into a new pecking order, with you at the Top, as King. It's good that Aila is out again...Mommy thinks she is such a lovely looking kitty.

We are puzzled by the Evil Cat Flap. Why does it work for some Cats but not others? It's a mystery.

As to the Cat Tree situation, we think that one can never have enough!