Sunday, 1 August 2010

Äiti here. As you may have seen Punapippuri has had his nose put a little out of joint and does not quite know what to make of his Muhos crowd (he comes from Muhos but is much younger than they are - he will learn).
Anyway, just a quick update: Risto and Roosa came ut to eat and have some attention. Risto let me comb him and is rubbing his neck on all the furniture, and purring. Roosa is still shy but has had a chin tickle and for the first time I have seen her tortie fur and no tail - she's a 'rumpy' manx. She has had a fur shave on her back a week or so ago as her owner could not brush her: I hope I can keep her well groomed. Risto has a shorter tail than 'normal' so I guess he is a 'longy' manx.
We have had a lovely time this evening sniffing the air and tickling, and the catnip apple is proving to be very, very popular. I had no camera with me, which was a shame as Roosa and Risto were rolling around in bliss. I think Rilli was still under the influence from the night before!

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The Creek Cats said...

Thanks so much for the update! We will continue to send comforting purrs to all to help the transition and introductions go smoothly.