Wednesday, 28 July 2010

We're all feeling a bit sleepy today after our jabs. Tuomo-veli hasn't even come downstairs and is asleep in the 'office'. So this picture was actually taken yesterday - a '5 catter' with me just being out of shot to the left (why can't Äiti buy a fish-eye lens instead of zooms for far away stinky birds?). Also Tessie-kilpikonna gets in on the action too - she and Mirsku had a long discussion yesterday. Lewis-veli was the only one of us who wasn't outside.
Well, my suspicions are correct and apparently we are to prepare for 'guests' only these don't come with zippy bags or boxes but will in fact extend perheni. Äiti is very nervous because she wants us all to get on. And I want us to have a happy kingdom too - but yes, we will be welcoming three Finncat kitties on Saturday. Yes: 3 = kolme, trois, tre, drei........... They are mature cats from the lovely lady who died last week. The other cats we think have good homes too - but Äiti has said three is all we can take.
So we have a lot to think about, and I need to be very mature about this huge surprise. Äiti has said she still loves us very much and we'll still be getting as much attention (we better!) but we have enough room and love to welcome Rilli, Risto-Reipas & Roosa. Stran-veli has said it'll all be okay so we are looking forward to it all. Exciting! And funny too - Äiti cannot pronounce their names properly still as she cannot roll her r's like true Finns. Hehehehe.


The Creek Cats said...

Bless your hearts for taking in those poor, sweet kitties. So sweet of you to share your home and your Aiti with them. We hope the transition goes well!

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh how exciting...we think! Just imagine how much fun you'll have after you get used to each other. Holy Cats! Aiti will almost have as many kitties as Mommy...she will certainly qualify for Crazy Cat Lady status. Heh heh.

Bless you all for bringing three orphans into your lives...and good luck with the "R's".