Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How long has it taken to get back on to my blog?! Äiti has been hogging the computer, with all her thousands of photos. I am not interested in eagles and Welsh lakes - it is far more important you see the presents we were sent by Carolyn-täti and Al-setä (okay, they are not really täti and setä but it is nice to call them family!). So we each have a packet of English 'Dreamies' which are very nice and our cousins Bramble and Treacle love them.Cousin Bramble is a tabby girl cat whom Aila-sisko doesn't like much. They once stayed together in Äiti's house in Bristol, and had stinky breath competitions. Now I think Aila-sisko would win.
Cousin Treacle used to be all black but now has some white bits on her tummy and throat. She is an ace hunter and moves very fast - she caught a vole on the first day Äiti was staying.
Äiti met many other cat friends on her trip, and was very pleased that Mia whom she used to give tablets to when she was a very poorly cat, had forgotten her and didn't hide under the bed when she visited.
And here is evidence of our big news.
Lewis-veli has been venturing out. He is still very shy and has been back in the bedroom with Aila-sisko last night. This was becuase there was a huge bangy and flashy storm last night. I was bravely out in the garden but Äiti took us all inside.
Tuomo-veli didn't care. Äiti moved some of the kissanmintu to the old pot and within a few minutes it was wrecked, and so was Tuomo.
So, my sincere apologies for the lack of blogging but I hope all these pictures make up for it. The bad news is that Äiti is going away again at the weekend so we will be poor abandoned cats again. We do like our friend the cat-sitter (and she gives us nice food Äiti doen't know about), but we do like the stability of someone to wake up at 5am.
Stran-veli said it was some good stuff, and after all the rain in the last day or so, we should have a very good crop this summer.


Maggie May said...

I've missed you! So glad Aiti is back and has brought lots of treats from friends! Dreamies must be like American Temptations. They are super delicious!

MOL @ stinky breath competitions!!

Carolyn said...

Hope you are all continuing to look after Aiti nicely. Don't worry about her being away for a few more days, you can have parties and eat Dreamies and catnip (if there is any left).

If you are kind to cousins Bramble and Treacle (including no stinky breath jokes!) then they will send more presents soon!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Great stash from England!

Katnip Lounge said...

Those Dreamies look Dreamy! How nice that all of you are starting to truly enjoy your Catio. It is so hot here that we have moved indoors for a while, and we go out at night to play.
We think your catsitter is ace, giving you fun forbidden foods. SCORE!
MOL at the poor wrecked catnip plant...thank goodness it's a self-seeder and will grow back next year!