Tuesday, 27 July 2010

All summer we have had to listen to this stinky, noisy bird: kuovi. It really is about time he headed south for the winter. This morning he sat mocking us from the rooftop, staring down at us on the catio. You can see just how evil he is. Even Äiti is not so keen on him because he choses to sing loudly at 3am most mornings.

We have had a hot, troublesome day. First the stinky bird, then the heat (we may like saunas here but having more than 30'C outside is not acceptable to our furs) and then we had our vaccinations which was a complete shock to us as we were all at home and not expecting it. I am not sure if I should be grateful to Äiti for arranging a home visit so we did not all have to fit in the car and sing loudly, or just be very upset with her for having this invasion of our territory and peace. But to be honest I am more upset that she combed my curly bits earlier so they now are straight and untangled - not like the beautiful fluff I am showing in the photograph. Hopefully it will not be long before I can create some new little dreadlocks. At least we had a yummy supper to make up for it all but I am still very suspicious of Äiti as I think Something Is Going On. No zippy bag has appeared, but still my skillful instincts tell me something is a-paw.

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Katnip Lounge said...

The vet invadad your house? Oh the horror! We think we'd rather sing the 4000 miles (11, really)to the vet and back to make our Mommy feel like a rat.

Could you coax that bird off the roof? Then you could catch and eat him. We think Aiti would be plaesed by that.

Perhaps guests are coming to stay...that's what we think might be afoot at your house!