Saturday, 31 July 2010

Äiti here - I have hijacked the blog for the day. Pikku Punapippuri is busy washing himself and sulking that he is not allowed into the Office upstairs, as he can hear that there are our new family members in there!
I want to introduce the new kits, who have had huge changes in their lives and I have paws & fingers-crossed (and Finnish thumbs up) that they will settle and fit with the bunch of very oddball cats here ! I am a bit shocked that I find myself with ten cats, and just hope they all get the share of love and attention they want and deserve.
Rilli is a 16 year old boy, who has the pinkest nose I think I have ever seen. He sang in a deep voice most of the way here, and may be a little deaf. However he has attitude and was straight out of the box exploring. He went to the balcony outside and climbed around. Later he showed he would give Tuomo a run for his money by eating loads of Dreamies and nearly stealing the packet. He wants lots of head rubs and is already keen to get out to meet the others, and hiss very loudly! He has some tabby patches on his fur, and a gorgeous white tip to his tail. I am very aware the human who loved him for his 16 years has just died, so I am concerned about how he will adjust, but right now he is Mr. Confident.

Roosa is less confident, but I think she is checking things out. She is hiding under the curtain but has been eating those wonderful Dreamies. She is 7 years old, and a tortie manx. She is nervous, and quiet but is taking everything in. I hope that Aila will see her as a friend and not a threat - but girl cats often find it hard to get on.........

Hiding behind her is Risto-Reipas (which is the Finnish name for Christopher Robin). He is also 7 years old, and black and white. He was singing a little on the way here, but now is firmly stuck under the furniture - but interestingly his pile of Dreamies also disappeared when I wasn't looking. He slept on his human and loved her lap so I wonder if he will find it hard to adjust. There's more than enough room on my lap, but there may be competition!

So, the Muhos trio have arrived. They will be in a room (with balcony) on their own for a while, and then I hope Stran will visit them. Given the audience waiting behind the door it will be hard to keep things controlled but we shall see what happens. I also hope to take much clearer, better photos but as you can imagine I did not want to disturb these nervous kits with lots of camera flashes today.
The other kitties also went to homes today so we hope they also settle and have happy new lives.


Cara n Crew said...

Hi! We found your blog from the Katnip Lounge. Bless you for taking in these new kitties. We hope everything will go smoothly and look forward to learning more about them.

Fraidy cats Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

Katnip Lounge said...

I wish you the best of luck with integrating. Take it slow and everything should be OK. Your Catio should help a lot; as long as everybody is interested in birds, etc, they are not so fussy and ready to face off.

I think it's wonderful that you took in three orphans...only two more and you will have official Crazy Cat Lady me!

Purrs from my crew to yours.

XX MomKat Trish

Sirpa said...

Lovely cats! :) I am quite sure that they will be friends with the "old" cats soon. :) Cuddles to the cats.

Hanna said...

Hi! It's great to see the cats in good care and in a big family! I'm the one who took Reppuli to my home. He's very quiet, the first few hours he spend in his box staring his food cups. I finally took him out of there and he crouched to a corner for a few hours. I opened a window with a mosquito net and that lifted his interest enough to get him to sit there and watch the outside world. His location now is behind our bed. I'm a bit worried but confident that he'll get along with us and his new sisters :)

The Creek Cats said...

You are so wonderful to open your home to these kitties in need!! Those kitties are so lucky to have you. We hope everyone gets along well. We know it's never easy introducing new kitties to the resident cats, but hopefully it will all go smoothly.

Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me a happy gotcha day!!!
♥ Saylor

Catio Tales said...

Hei Hanna

That is good progress. Reppuli has long black fur doesn't he ? I remember him as very nervous.

I really hope all goes well. Do you have my email address, or you can find me on facebook :)