Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What adventures! I have been back to the place of my birth (as far as I know), to visit the kind, kind people who answered my cries for shelter and food when I was pikku pentu, running in the fields of Muhos, without my Mamma Cat. No one knows the whole story, and I cannot really remember - except I know I was very brave, and the place I came to was safe.
As you can see, there are just fields and a couple of houses. I came to one house and was taken inside by two very lovely people. I made friends with them again today and Äiti of course thanked them very much because without such kind folk I would not have my forever home here.
I, of course, let it be known that I do not really like travelling in a box in a car, and sang for a whole 30km there and 30km back. Äiti took some video which she is reluctant to post because my singing voice is so beautiful someone is bound to steal it and make many euros selling such wonderful music.
And back at home we have had the zippy-box to sit in. I am not so bad-mannered as to pee in it but Tuomo-veli has left a lot of fur in it. It now is full and there's no room for us in it. Stran-veli is saying that we should not worry.Ne always says that, which is very kind of him. He was also wondering if he could pull the zip open and push Tuomo-veli back inside because he has become a right 'pain'. He escaped from the front door again yesterday, and is demanding more attention than any of us from Äiti. Also, when we had visitors yesterday he ate half the pulla. Are there many cats out there who like blueberry cake???

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Katnip Lounge said...

I LOVE all kinds of pastry, doughnuts, cake and pie! I'll eat blueberry cake any day...

~The Baby