Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Well, yet again I have had to wait with my blogging and my paws have been getting very twitchy, wanting to be typing away.
First of all, I am pleased to say we have had a couple of trouble-free days with Tuomo-veli. He is trying to be good and crawling all over Äiti for cuddles whenever she sits down. Äiti says he is 'over-doing it' but none of us understand what she means.
And I do not know if you remember - because it was such a long time ago now - but Äiti said she had a present for me. Well I finally got it - an eagle! This is for my defence training. It is very kind of her, but this eagle was easy to conquer - as you can see from the mighty paw I struck it with.
Somehow I think merikotka might be a little bit more difficult.
We have all had a great time on the catio. Mirsku-veli is sitting on top of Tessie-kilpikonna's house (because he cannot fit inside it).
And this is a most excellent photo ! it is Harris-veli being brave enough to step out side the back door. he stayed about three seconds and then ran inside again, but hopefully he will be brave enough to go out more.
Lewis-veli is not being so brave but he is doing a very good job keeping Aila-sisko company. Both of them stay in Äiti's bedroom away from Tuomo, and actually Lewis is getting a little more confident and coming to eat with Äiti watching him.
So, as you can see it has all been really busy here. I have been out catching things that fly but which are not birds (I have been stalking them but out of respect for Äiti not finishing the job off - it is of course nothing to do with the fact I cannot quite reach them). So here I am having a quiet sleep stretching my back paws in my own peculiar way, and of course Äiti has to take a photograph. I should not complain I guess but being this handsome sometimes has its downside.


Carolyn said...

Message for Harris from Treacle: "I was also very scared when I first discovered Outside, and wouldn't go out for more than a few seconds. But I've since discovered that it's very nice Out. Sometimes mummy has to shout for hours to get me to come back in, hee hee!"

Maggie May said...

Oh wow! Tessie-kilpikonna's house is totally pawsome! We must get one of those for our Gretchen the outdoor kitty!

Of course you were able to easily conquer the eagle. You're the King of Finland (North) of course!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

#1 says she wouldn't have been able to resist taking that last shot either!

Katnip Lounge said...

Excellent Eagle training! We are sure the Stunt Eagle put up a mighty fight.
Harris, you will LOVE the outside...just give it a little time.

Reese =^..^= said...

I loved all your pictures! You are all so darling.