Sunday, 20 June 2010

We have two majorly exciting things to report, and one thing which is worrying me!
First of all,Harris-veli is being brave! Every time Äiti comes with the camera then he runs inside, but she managed to take this very bad picture of him. I think she should learn better photography as she cut off my head - this is not so nice.
And the next piece of most excellent news - we have a climbing thing in the catio. Now Äiti made this herself so not a single angle is 'true' or saw-cut straight. She probably has used the wrong wood but we still love it and will not criticse her really bad craftmanship.
Last night Stran-veli tested the first level. Today it was completed (except the painting) and I tested it all. Look at the strength in my patellas! This is so good.
And now I can reach the sky.
And actually it can take Mirsku-veli's weight so it can't be made that badly !
We are now practising our hobby of birdwatching.
However I am really quite worried because yesterday Äiti showed a visitor all our cupboards and litter trays and has written instructions. We are having a Cat-sitter! Luckily we know this person but she might not be so easy to twist around our paws as Äiti so we might get less treats and tickles. Äiti has said that she is going away three times this holiday and we will be Looked After. Now I wish to strongly protest against this. Stran-veli has said I should not panic and Äiti will come back. I am not so sure about this. And how will I get enough cuddles. And will the Cat-sitter know which is my favourite mouse to play with ? And will she keep Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko apart, and know that Harris and Lewis are only hissy and spitty because they are really shy and scared ? And, and, and - Stran-veli starts muttering away that I should grow up and be a proper King Kitty Cat, but king kitty cats always need their servant, don't they! Äiti says she will be away for two human sleeps this week, and then again for 11 and 6 human sleeps later. This is outrageous and I have protested with a stinkiest, slimiest furball I could produce, but I am not sure her plans will change.


Katnip Lounge said...

It never works...the protesting, that is. The best you can do is produce massive feelings of guilt!

We like that you can now reach the sky! If an eagle lands, you can take him, for sure!

The bird watching looks like a blast...we mainly get birds in the wintertime, except for hummingbirds. Summer is for lizard watching, mainly.

The Creek Cats said...

Those are some great climbing shelves!! Wow, so much fun!!

Sorry to hear Aiti will be leaving, but we know you'll be in good hands with the cat sitter.