Sunday, 27 June 2010

We have been having a lazy weekend, enjoying having Äiti around. I totally refuse for her to post pictures on MY blog of birds catching fish (which is what she spent hours and hours watching, with no thought about catching any for us) but if you must indulge her, there are some pictures here.
Much more importantly, today we have video evidence of just how brave Harris-veli is becoming. He definitely loves the Outside and figured out the cat curtain really quickly. You can see what a nervous boy he is though - no one knows what he and Lewis-veli went through in England to make them this uncertain of people. But now they should realise we are all friendly and even Äiti is worth putting up with.
A huge box thing that can be zipped shut has appeared on the table upstairs. I have never seen it before. Tuomo-veli has been sleeping in it and Mirsku-veli is now trying it for size. I think we could all fit in there but Äiti says we 'wouldn't get though customs'. I am not sure what she meansbut somehow I already don't like this box.


Katnip Lounge said...

Awwww, Harris is getting Brave! Maybe he will snag an Eagle...heh heh!

We say pee in the zipper box. Those things are Evil; they steal your Mom away for long times.

We have no idea what "customs" is, we Cats are suitable for all occasions and should be welcomed anywhere...right?

Carolyn said...

Big Brave Harris!

Bramble and Treacle say: the zipper box is especially comfortable when filled with clean clothes, and a very good place to deposit those unwanted hairs.