Friday, 11 June 2010

We had a great time and can't wait to get outside again! I (the bravest of course), Tuomo, Mirsku and Stran all explored outside and we now have a new game: 'not coming inside'. Tuomo-veli will be expert at this and Äiti had to chase us all in many times. The catio is huge to us and we need some furniture now to really appreciate it, so we hope Äiti will be out in the forests finding tree logs for us to climb. Äiti also says she hopes none of the neighbours complain because she didn't ask anyone before she got it built!
Can you tell how happy I am - just look at my puffed up tail. Äiti says it's my 'happy cat tail' angle. Oh to feel the soil of Finland between my paws and have no leash - what joy.
And here Tuomo-tiikeri is running around, he is so pleased. Tiikeri means tiger and it is one of his nicknames.
We are checking all the corners to see if they are secure. Stran-veli is very happy - he used to be a street cat so really has missed going outside.
This looks pretty eagle-proof to me - we have some double layering just in case.
And maybe it is also Mirsku-proof. He had to try to escape!
And finally the cat flap design -Tuomo-veli is staring through deciding he does not want to come in!
Because of our cold winters, it is hard to fit a flap, and I didn't want one of those English things you have to push with your head! So undignified. By the side of the window is a wooden casement, and then we have a metal grill which has been cut and this hinges back(Äiti controls this). Then we have a curtain which keeps out mosquitoes and lets us through (IF we want to come inside). Äiti will make this neater today as it looks a bit rough. We hope this will be open for many months but when the winter comes it might be that perhaps we don't want to go outside so much.
We will be out later and report on progress - this is after we have sent Äiti out for grass seed and furniture. Oh, and we did have one near disaster: Stran-veli discovered the new catnip crop (full of fragile young seedlings) and sat on it drooling, so Äiti had to move the tub outside! It was a very close escape. We are allowed the old plant which Mirsku-veli just about killed off, but it doesn't smell nearly as good as the young stuff.


Katnip Lounge said...


This is fantastic! We are so happy for you. Do you get to pee on the soil of Finland? That would feel very special, we think.

And real log furniture! How great is that?

We think the wire looks suitably eagle-proof and the structure is nice enough for no un-neighborly complaints.

We have a double cat flap arrangement with a little "foyer" in between the flaps for temperature control..We'll have Mommy post some pictures this week to explain it better. We love to sleep in the foyer when it's very hot or cold.

The Creek Cats said...

We love seeing you enjoy your totaly pawsome catio! Wow, it's amazing!!! Can't wait to see some climbing logs!

Our "cat flap" to our catio is the spare bedroom window. It's not open all the time, only when the weather is just right and mom is home to snoopervise us.