Monday, 7 June 2010

Today we are all celebrating and have been playing and chasing around. Harris-veli is getting more confident with his mouse-hunting and has even been seen pouncing!
Well, it's just as Äiti promised- she didn't go to work today! She is a teacher so gets long holidays in the summer - and here in Finland, that means 10 weeks. Back in England she had less and was always very stressed so my Britcat family say she was never really around so much anyway. Now they like it here more (or course - who wouldn't!). And of course we have daylight all the time for three months each year. The sun does set (we are just south of the Arctic Circle), but it doesn't truly get dark in May, June or July. Luckily it is never totally dark in winter (although it can feel like it!) but we do have to fill the long December and January nights with lots of playtime to keep ourselves alert. And in summer we have our lazy nights on the balcony, swotting mosquitos and generally having a good time. I especially like looking out for siili (hedgehogs). We had a huge one visit last year and I really showed him who was boss!
And this year we will have our catio. Äiti has started bringing things over and spent time with the Very Important Man who will build our magnificent empire. She says the shade of paint had to be specially mixed, to just the right requirements. I cannot wait to supervise the construction.


Katnip Lounge said...

Oh my! The Catio construction begins...we are twitching our tails & whiskers in anticipation of seeing your Empire being built!

How great that'll from the eagles, yet still able to tell off the hedgehogs.

Mommy says ten week off would be marvelous but that she'd make a lousy teacher! She claims to only have patience with cats and machinery.

The Creek Cats said...

Thanks for explaining the daylight situation for us. We didn't realize it was daylight for three months, wow!!

Can't wait to see the catio progress!!