Friday, 18 June 2010

As well as being for us, the catio is also a place where Tessie-kilpikonna can go outside safely. Here Mirsku-veli is guarding her. She has a little ramp so she can walk off the decking without falling.
I am surprised my pantaloons have caused so much comment (but am incredibly proud that they are considered handsome - particularly by Maggie May!). I could go on at length about the time I spend washing and grooming, and the good healthy diet I have but Äiti says I must say that sometimes there have been little accidents and I may have had to have a wash once or twice. However the thought of a wash makes me much more attentive when squatting in the litter tray. Stran-veli has less neat pantaloons, but he was short-furred for many years and had a bad diet, so his offerings are often less solid. When he first came to Äiti he had to have a couple of shaves, but soon got used to having a hairy bottom (and hariy everwhere else). But we are a very clean bunch, and also have the sauna in which to perfect our personal hygiene and relaxation. However, we do not do what some Finnish humans do and run to jump into the lake afterwards.


The Creek Cats said...

We totally need a sauna!

Katnip Lounge said...

Thank Cod you are not silly enough to leap into the lake!

We would rather undergo the humiliation of having Mommy remove a dingleberry than get all wet!