Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What a proud day! I got an award. It's my first blog award and I have been running around with my tail held high, telling perheni about it! it's a happy cat award from the Katinip Lounge crew who are so cool, it's untrue. You must check their blog if you haven't been there. So I am very honoured by this award - and I get to award to 6 other blogs too! So many thanks to the Katnip bunch, and I now have to list 5 things that make me happy. This is going to be really really hard as I am a very happy King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) so choosing just five things is going to be a big challenge. Of course there are things I am not happy about too - like the singing, laughing birdies I cannot catch, and the fact I don't get enough poro or lohi, but maybe I save them for another day....

Stran always makes me happy. He is my best mate. He is paras ystävän to everyone here, and has played with me ever since I arrived. He is always so friendly and happy, he makes everyone else feel good. I suspect he is really Äiti's favourite though she denies this of course, but he is a very special brother to have. Of course all perheni make me happy, and I also remember Monty-cat without whom I would never have found Äiti, but I never knew him for long so I am sad about that too.

Cardboard boxes
What could be better than a new box to chew and bash and break ? Luckily we get new supplies quite often (and sometime they even have things inside for us!). Mirsku-veli (he makes me happy too - unless he jumps on my back.....) and I love playing with the boxes.

My favourite mouse
It's missing again - it's always missing! But I love this mouse which moves up and down the stairs and rattles away. I am very skilled at pouncing, as you can see.

Having a good stretch
This is so lovely - and I can let my curly bits breathe! I can also stretch my naughty kneecap too and this is very good for my muscles. I love lying on my back and feeling the air in my furs.

Being outside
There's so much to do outside in the warm summer sun - so many birds to watch and mosquitos to destroy! And the clear fresh air of northern Finland is so wonderful to breathe. So hurry up Äiti and get our catio built.....

So now to the 6 blogs to pass this award to........ I choose:

and last but never least because she is very special and I think maybe if our lives had been different and not separated by several thousand kilometres and a couple of vets, we could have had beautiful kittens together..... Maggie May


Maggie May said...

Concatulations on your awesome award, Punapippuri! You definitely deserve it!!
Thanks so much for passing it along to me and my creek cat family. We feel so honored.
Punapippuri, you are the sweetest mancat I know! Forever in my heart,
♥ Maggie May

Catio Tales said...



...proud purrs...

Katnip Lounge said...

Those are some great things! Cardboard boxes are so much fun. Though we have a phantom whizzer around the house so they don't stay out long. Bummer.
We didn't know you carried a torch for Maggie May...interesting...
Mommy loves your curly tummy furs. Johnny has them too and he gets belly-kissed all the time!

Carolyn said...

What a lovely lovely post! I am a very happy person after reading that.

Congratulations Punapippuri!

Tati Carolyn

Kuovi said...

It was about time you got your first award, at least we think you are the best, handsomest (says mamma, not me!!!), kindest and fluffiest Kitty Cat there is! King Kitty Cat of Finland, South humbly thanks you for giving the wonderful award to us, too! It was the bestest birthday gift ever :)