Sunday, 16 May 2010

What a morning! We went out to supervise Äiti doing some gardening. We now have the old tub of kissanmintu, and a new trough which is growing weird energy drink bottles right now - but Äiti says we have to trust her as we do not want the shoots eaten by anyone else. No way!I certainly hope it works because Mirsku-veli decided to flatten the old plant, and now it will never recover. I tried to tell him but he couldn't wait: he was convinced he could already smell the nip.
And then I had an amazing time. I slipped my harness (hehehehe - and I will not tell Äiti how I did it: I am indeed an amazing Houdini cat).
And I was a whisker's width from catching a confident little västäräkki when Äiti interfered. I was so so close (Äiti's comment- oh no he wasn't). I could smell the fear on his breath and see the pleas for mercy in his eyes.
But I was the one who was scooped up, and worse, taken inside. I had to watch from the balcony above, trying to slip through the nasty fence. Can you see how unhappy I am - I hoped the steam coming from my ears would melt a me-size hole through.
But here in Finland - especially the north (65'N - not far from the Arctic wilds) - we have to be careful and kept on leads. This is to make sure we don't go wandering as we might get eaten by bears or wolves or meet our great ancestors ilves (lynx). I know I am in an 'urban area' but here we are told we cannot wander free as other people could shoot us. This doesn't happen really but we might meet big dogs, and Äiti is scared we will never be found again. Only last night she heard the Catnapped Crew went running in the forests and were lost for hours and hours. Luckily they returned back, but it was very worrying for their humans. Now I would love to running in the forests and fields all day but I do not want to upset Äiti. So we are going to have to make a compromise - if she lets me have one tasty bird a week I will stay in my harness.....
And just to show her how extra nice I can be, here's a picture of Aila-sisko whose naughty patella is healing well. It needs to as she just sits in the bedroom and eats too much right now. I have tried to chase her and play but she doesn't like us Finncats for some reason so I just get growled at. She is taking one tablet a day - which is not so nice for her and I do hope she gets confident enough to come onto the balcony soon.


Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We are rather glad the wagtail got away, even if it did spoil your fun a bit!

We use harnesses called "Puppia". They are supposedly for small dogs but work very well for cats in the S and XS sizes, and they are impossible to slip off!

Katnip Lounge said...

Curses! Too bad that your quest for freedom and hunting was thwarted. Mommies are a real downer sometimes! We get the same line with different dangers; coyotes, blah blah blah, cars, blah blah blah, snakes, the list goes on and on. Mommy, we are Smart Cats with teeth and claws! The Baby escapes regularly but all she wants is to eat the long deer grass in the side yard. So she's easy to nab back in.
We think you are owed many treats and another outing!