Tuesday, 11 May 2010

We were very happy when Äiti appeared yesterday with five huge boxes. Imagine our disappointment when only one of them contained things for us! This is surely more pain and trauma than a family of cats can bear. It is almost cruelty. They were for another cat community. We did manage to steal a few extra boxes to play with, and you can see how we used them this morning. What Äiti did not magane to capture was Mirsk-veli's belly flop on the top which pretty much broke the box -hehehehe. He is such a fatboy. And it serves him right for trying to tug my tail. In the meantime maybe we should have a mancat meeting like the guys at the Katnip Lounge - and in our meeting we need to decide on what to do with Äiti: buying things for other cats, birdwatching - Ijust hope she doesn't think she can go away on holiday next!