Sunday, 23 May 2010

We had more fine sunshine yesterday but today it is cooler and to be honest, our furs can do with the rest. Mirsku-veli and I were outside supervising Äiti making a right mess of the garden - she is making a tortoise enclosure. She thinks it will be escape proof as Tessie-kilpikonna is a little older now and maybe will not try to dig her way out so much as she used to.
I am glad Äiti is not building our catio - we want a perfect job! It has to let birdies in, and not out again. It also has to be big and stylish, and keep us cats inside (unfortunately).
Anyway, we had a great afternoon, except for Mirsku using the old kissanmintupenkki as a seat again. There were a few little leaves that had dared show, but he has squashed them now. Luckily the new tub is showing a lot of promise so we should have a good harvest this year.
Today we have been on the balcony and even Tuomo-veli was outside with Aila-sisko unsupervised. There was one grizzling fit when Aila decided to shriek like a girlie cat, but actually Tuomo-veli is now asleep inside, not caring about her and she is watching the birdies as greedily as we boys are. Her naughty kneecap has been a little stiff but she is not getting enough exercise as she stays in the bedroom most of the day asleep.


Katnip Lounge said...

You guys are doing a great job with quality control. We inspect everything Mommy & Daddy do here...they can do such shoddy work sometimes! heh heh.

We think Aila has such unusual markings. Mommy would have to smooch those beauty marks all the time! Felix's knee is getting better, but he still limps when he gets up from napping. Once he's up though...he's a madcat!

The Creek Cats said...

You guys are great snoopervisors!
We are sending lots of healing vibes to Aila's naughty kneecap!