Thursday, 20 May 2010

It's been another hot and lazy day. We were, of course, imprisoned inside when Äiti went out to work and then to yet another lintutorni. This time she came back annoyed because now the nasty insects are all flying around and biting her. However she took Mirsku-veli and me out to check she did the gardening properly. Our new kissanmintu is growing well but the old plant has not shown any sign of life after Mirsku-veli sat on it. He is trying to show he has a 'green paw' here, but I am not convinced, and Äiti took him quickly away from all her new plants.
He is much safer sunbathing angelically in boxes. In the meanitme I am just happy to snooze so I can have lots of energy for when the air cools down overnight: 3am playtime is ace!


Katnip Lounge said...

Well, at least some of your catnip is growing! That will fuel your 3 a.m. play sessions nicely.
Is that a new big box? It looks like a ton of fun.

The Creek Cats said...

Napping in boxes is so great..... so is 3am play time!

lupie said...

Sitting on plant sounds fun!! :)
hehehehe .... Glad Aiti took the plants to er... "safety" from 'green paw' one!

Have fun with the box and at 3.00am on a wonderful weekend!

Poppy Q said...

We are jealous of all your sunshine. Enjoy those sunbeams, we have wind and rain forecast here (it is autumn though).

Lovely photos.

Poppy Q