Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It is still gloriously sunny here and we are proud that Finland has been the warmest country in Europe in the last week. Often we are the coldest so this makes a nice change. We have been playing so much in the morning sun, which starts at about 4am so we wake up Äiti as soon as we can, and hold our morning work-out before she leaves for her job and we then sleep.
Mirsku-veli is about to break this box. But he does have some strange light things going on round his head. I'm sure it cannot be a little angelic halo, as I am the cutest, most well-behaved of all of us, and I don't have a halo!
Maybe it's a gas cloud from his stinky breath.
Harris-veli has been on the balcony at night and is joining in more of the fun. He still completely runs away from Äiti when she gets too close, but he is playing more and we even saw him pounce on a mousie toy a couple of weeks ago. Here you can see his lightning fast reflexes and mighty paw.
There is a lot of competition for this prey and here Tuomo-veli has briefly gained possession, but my quick reactions will soon remove it from him, just as long as I can avoid his menacing right paw.
Tuomo-veli snuck into the bedroom last night to sleep on Äiti's bed. Aial-sisko was on top of the wardrobe and did not squeak or growl or whine - Äiti was so pleased. Tuomo also just sat still and then began snoring.
Of course the heat can be a bit much for us with all our furs and fluff. Here Stran-veli sits in a sunbeam patch and ponders the meaning of life (and when the next meal will come).


Carolyn said...

It's lovely to see you all so happy and enjoying the sunshine. Very nice photos of very handsome cats!

Katnip Lounge said...

Wow! You guys get in quite the morning workout! How lovely of you to get your Mom up early so she doesn't miss a moment.
We are in love with your big box, and the fun stripey cat tree...they are great for all the exercizes you do!
We're glad that the spatting is settling down at your house. Here, Maui is being aterror trying to eat everybody.