Sunday, 4 April 2010

Yesterday we had some very important visitors who bought us lots of lovely food, which we gobbled up for tea. Mirsku-veli even jumped into the sink to lick the packets clean. We hope Äiti gets the message that we like Sheba pouches very much. However it didn't help that one of my brothers ate it so fast he was sick in the bowl. But we were very happy to have visitors because we heard of plans for our 'catio' which Äiti called a cat cage which is not a very nice description. But we do hope to have better access to the garden, and to celebrate Mirsku and I spent a whole half hour sat by the back door waiting for our catio to arrive. Äiti said it might happen in summer - but that is not fair as summer is ages away. We still have half a metre of snow outside! I cannot wait that long. Bah!
But we played a lot with our visitors, and slept very well in the evening. And Äiti was tired too today because she has been on the sofa all day pretending to read a book but we have had our paws over our ears with her snoring.
Our new favoutire toy is a long string which sometimes has a mousie attached.
Often the mousie gets unattached from the string - perhaps you can see why.