Saturday, 17 April 2010

Well, Äiti's super-plan to keep Tuomo-veli out of the bedroom forever failed miserably - which is quite funny except if you were Aila-sisko! Äiti bought an 'electric collar' and transmitter to put up so that he could not enter the bedroom - Aila-sisko could then run in there like a girlcat and he would not follow. Well, as you can see from the look on his face, Tuomo-veli just hates his collar. After a day of wearing it Äiti turned on the transmitter and ten hours later woke up with Aila-sisko growling away and Tuomo-veli on the wardrobe! He is such a cool kitty cat that he walked right past the transmitter. Äiti tested the collar to see if it was workibng and giving out the 'warning shocks' and it was - Tuomo-veli just ignored them! What a cool kitty cat he is. Now Äiti has to rethink.
We were finally allowed out in the spring sunshine onto the balcony, and as you can see we are glowing golden boys.
There is still snow around but soon we hope to put paw to grass and maybe I can have another try at catching the sinitianen....


Katnip Lounge said...

Thanks you SO much for the story of your naughty knee...the secret of your Mighty Leap is safe with me! My Mommy suspects I did the same thing. I am very athletic and I love to race and jump on & off of the platforms in my (our) catio. We will post some pictures of our outdoor enclosure soon. We can't go into the Big outdoors because of coyotes that would LOVE to make a snack of us!
It's sunny and warm where we are indeed a gorgeous Golden boy!

xx Felix

The Creek Cats said...

Sorry to hear the collar didn't work! Darn!! Things around here are finally starting to settle down with the use of the amitriptyline. We hope you guys can find something to work for you. Best of luck!

日月神教-任我行 said...