Friday, 30 April 2010

We were very well behaved last night and there was only one wrestling match on the bed between Mirsku-veli and myself. Most of the time I slept sweetly and disturbed no one. As you can see, I am far too cute to upset anyone.
Äiti has been shopping and we should have enough litter to last a week or so. She said they were on special offer, and it did not mean that we could open a new box every time we paid a visit!
We do however like Äiti's new diet as we get to slurp out a tin of tuna every day. The Britcats are not impressed as they say they were used to 'tuna in spring water' with no added salt at all! They are so spoilt, not like us Finnboys who are even prepared to eat straight from the tin!


Katnip Lounge said...

mmmm, tuna! We'll eat it any which way! Mommy about fell over in amazement at your cat litter stash. We thought WE had a lot but you've got us beat by a factor of four, at least! Nothing like a sale, Mommy says.
xx Lounge Kats

Catio Tales said...

The litter stash goes deep into the cupboard! Äiti bought 33 boxes each with 15l in. She says it should last us 4 months but we have other ideas......