Friday, 2 April 2010

I was abandoned yesterday when Äiti went back to work. We all told her not to, and at work they told her not to, but she was determined. Maybe it was a good thing because she also filled our food cupboard and bought kissanhiekka. Now maybe we can have our boxes cleaned and polished!
Today however she has been trying to sleep but is waking us every 5 minutes coughing. She decided not to stay in bed so began to tidy the balcony ready for us. This is because spring is definitely here and all the white stuff is beginning to go away. So now maybe it is time for the last two snow photos. I am very proud of this one:
You can see my stealth paw prints at the base of the tree. I had tasty little sinitiainen within a claw swipe and then Äiti came and spoilt it by falling over in the snow. So he flew away and I was starving and very annoyed. But I am sure you can see from the photo how close I came and what a great winter hunter I am. However this little mission may have backfired on me because the biridies have not come back to their home again, and Äiti has been in bed for nearly a week fighting off the bacteria and viruses from the snow. Voi ei.
But now our temperatures are above zero and we have a little moat around the house. Well, it's quite a deep moat and we hope that by June the water will have disappeared. I have no wish to paddle. However the balcony is nice and dry and I hope soon I will be allowed out birdwatching all day.
All of perheni are well right now. There have been no fights for a day, and Aila-sisko's ear is healing well. She still does not appreciate me when I come to nose nuzzle her, and only talks to the Britcats.

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