Sunday, 25 April 2010

I hardly need point out it is nearly a week since I was blogging. This is purely because of the paws-control on the keyboard and the fact Äiti is out doing things. More bird watching! I thought that was my hobby. And what do we get ? Nothing! No tender little peippoa or even a slice of kurki! Instead she makes us look at pictures! Voi ei. Pictures are no good - we need the feathers between our teeth.
However today she did make me a new shelf for the balcony - this is a little bit wider than the ledge so I can sit in the sun more comfortably, with my legs stretched at a more suitable angle. I guess this was nice of her but as you can see her woodwork is not so artistic. Stran-veli said I should not care what it looked like, provided it works and can take Mirsku-veli's weight. This is true but as you can see from the photo I was being a little nervous myself!
Aila-sisko is now being nicely drugged up and she growls with a slightly more mellow tone. I have been sleeping in the bedroom to show I mean her no harm and generally things have been peaceful. Tuomo-veli has kept out and he is grumbling that he still has his collar on. Äiti wants to wait a while before it's taken off and the bedroom door is opened so we all have full access everywhere. Now the weather is warmer this will include the balcony a bit more which is excellent as it is go good to feel the sun on my fur.

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