Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Well, I am not sure how to report today. Aila-sisko is still in the bedroom and we do not see much of her which is a bit dull. Mirsku-veli managed to break in last night (a swift attack on the door handle foolowed by a huge push on the 8kg box put behind it!) so Äiti woke up to find me and Stran-veli with our noses in Aila's food bowl. We were just checking she was getting the best food you see. Tuomo-veli charged in and was very noisily removed quickly. He was very loud and angry and Äiti was lucky not to end up with blood everywhere. Aila was hiding. She is spending lots of time sleeping and when she wakes up she limps a little, which really worries Äiti but we think it is just stiffness because she is not running around. She is being watched very carefully though and Äiti is trying to get all the medicines she needs - things that Maggie May and her friends have recommended us all the way from America.
In the meantime we Finncat boys are forming quite a gang with lots of chasing and wrestling. It is great fun and you can see here how I approach the might of Mirsku-veli.
He does seem to get everywhere and here he is making sure all is well in the kitchen.
Äiti is on a diet which means we get to taste tonnikala every day when she makes her lunch. She doesn't like it but we do so she must stick to the diet as it is yummy for us.
And finally as Tuomo-veli is not watching I can sneak in this picture of his ear abscess. It is all healed now but his ear still has to grow fur back.

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The Creek Cats said...

Hi Friends! Our Ferris has been known to open a door or two at our house. We are sending lots and lots of healing purrs to Aila, we hope the limp is only stiffness. Didn't Punapippuri limp a little after his surgery too? It is such a scary sight to see, for sure.

The pic of Mirsku on the range hood is hilarious! What a funny boy!

Glad to see Tuomo's abscess is healing up well. Maggie's is too!