Monday, 1 March 2010

We were left home alone yesterday, which was not good. Äiti went to Ruotsi - not something I approve of. But she did bring us back lots of toys. Here I have Ginger Tabby Toy whom I am making sure he knows that I am boss as I prepare for a full body slam.He will join Silver Tabby Toy who is looking very exhausted already as I still like to give him a nightly chew.
We also got a lovely new bed, which Stran-veli is trying out. And Mirsku-veli got to play with the paper bag (and extra large one of course).Mirsku is still getting use to all the toys we have here, and rolls over in ecstasy every time he discovers one of our catnip apples. He loves lying on his back and showing off his belly - which usually means he gets a tickle from Äiti - which is not fair as I should get them all!


The Creek Cats said...

We love the pictures of you and Ginger Tabby Toy! Too cute!

Looks like Mirsku is fitting in quite well!

Carolyn said...

Ginger tabby is enormous! As are your teeth in that second picture.

Stran looks gorgeous on his bed, and Mirsku is very cute in the paper bag.

I wonder if that bag is still intact...

What a lot of fun and games!