Saturday, 6 March 2010

Life has been worrying here. Tuomo-veli has been in a very bad mood and has a nasty scab on his ear. Äiti has been checking it (whenever he will let her) and also trying to play with him and make him feel loved. He is a moody boy and I am sad to say he is very jealous whenever he sees Äiti tickle someone else. This is natural - after all I think it is only right that I get the most attention, but it is not good to go chasing girl cats and to be mean. Tuomo-veli and I are playing a little but when I try to talk to him about what has happened he runs away and sulks. He is mostly keeping away from Aila-sisko, but she is hiding a lot anyway.
We are all worried about Aila-sisko's naughty kneecaps. She has spent a lot of the last couple of days sleeping, which is good as she has to fight the nasty bacteria in the abscess from Tuomo's bite. She also needs to rest her legs. This evening she came to the kitchen for food, and was limping badly with her right leg still. Äiti says we just have to keep watching carefully and giving her medicine.
I am trying to do my best to help: here I am with Lewis-veli guarding her from moody farmboy Tuomo.
Mirsku-veli however just keeps meowing and cuddling my catnip apple, and then he rolls over and shows everyone his tummy.
Today Äiti has been cleaning the house as we have a very important visitor from England coming this week. There are new covers on all the chairs and we are not allowed to leave fur anywhere. Hehehehe - we are all making sure our winter coats are left everywhere. Who does Äiti think she is, telling us to be tidy with our fur!

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Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I hope that nasty knee starts to feel better soon. Lets hope the medicine helps.. Hey you are getting a visitor from y part of the world.. Have a good visit.. Hugs GJ xx