Friday, 19 March 2010

I don't think there have been enough photos of me recently so I am taking advantage of Äiti not being with Aila-sisko to upload more! Here you can see how I deal with the might of Mirsku-veli! He may be as big as Russia but I am not intimidated. And he's good fun.
Here I decide to take cover......
But despite my disguise, I am noticed.
Ouch, I am getting squashed - but it's best not to squeak.
Notice Tuomo-veli in the background, not helping me!
Now he's going to sleep - I will be stuck for ages.
Maybe I try to escape without being noticed.
Okay, playtime then.Help, I can't breathe! Time for some ear biting.
Mind the paw.I can crush you too, you know!
But look at that sly little paw and attempt to bite. Luckily it was not my naughty kneecap and I managed to escape, leaving Mirsku thinking he had won when of couse I had just decided to move to another chair.