Friday, 19 March 2010

I am not happy that Äiti has not been home to let me blog. Not only is she on this diet in which she eats tuna and we don't, but she has also started suomenkielikurssi again and is out late twice a week. We wait so patiently.....
And then when she comes home she hides in the bedroom with Aila-sisko. Now I know I should not be impatient, but us mencats have our needs too!
Aila-sisko is doing okay - we have been worried by limps and morning stiffness but she seems to be okay. I went in to visit and she was really hissy and moany so I guess the operation did not change her character. I was not very happy that she does not have a stinky tape bandage. When I had my naughty kneecap fixed I had a horrible blue leg for ten days and she is walking freely. I guess it just proves again that life is not fair and girlcats have a good deal!
At night Aila gets to be with Äiti all the time and even though we have tried to break in, we are not allowed to stay. Äiti is worried about Tuomo-veli being mean and is trying a few things. He doesn't like tablets so that is hard, but he likes even less his 'cat calming collar'. We can almost see the steam of rage and fury coming out of his ears.
Äiti has not tightened it up as she values her arteries. The first thing he did when he broke free from Äiti was to run up and down the stairs, and then he went to sit on Mirsku. It is not easy to sit on Mirsku-veli but Tuomo did it. We are taking bets for how long the collar lasts. it is very smelly, and Äiti doesn' like the smell so Tuomo may be rescued. I have decided to get on withAila-sisko as I really don't want a girlie collar.

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The Creek Cats said...

Sorry to hear the collars aren't going so well with you guys. The only one to have a real problem with was Maggie May, so she isn't wearing one and just get her medication.