Sunday, 28 March 2010

The hospital room has grown and now includes Äiti as she has flunssa. This she says is not English flu, but she has a fever and has needed constant attention from us. So it has been hard to escape in order to blog and there are no pictures today as my nursing duties do not allow this. I have to keep checking her every five minutes when she is asleep to see if there is anything she wants. But she is a very bad patient and does not like my care and concern, and she cannot see that I have her best interests at heart. When I go off duty Aila-sisko takes over with head bonks, and Mirsku even managed to sneak in for a quick lie on the bed with her. Meanwhile, Harris-veli escaped downstairs. His breathing is much better and it is good to see him in his usual bed under his favourite cat tree.

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The Creek Cats said...

It sounds like Aiti has a houseful of caring and concern kitty nurses. How lucky is she?! We really hope she starts feeling better very soon. We are sending her lots of healing vibes.
Great to hear Harris is breathing much better too!