Sunday, 14 March 2010

Disaster nearly struck today when Tuomo-veli got in to the bedroom without Äiti realising. There were growls and then he tried to grab Aila-sisko before Äiti scruffed him - not something any of us like but it was the only way. He could not resist as Aila-sisko has been getting lots of attention. She is okay and no fur or flesh was damaged. We do wish he would calm down and Äiti thinks she has to give him the tablets now as at some point all the doors have to be opened up again in the house.
The reason he got in is down to Mirsku-veli who has shown how clever he can be- he has learnt to pull door handles! Äiti is not impressed but I think this could be very useful and he is a great asset to perheni. Just think what could happen if he could open food packets too. Äiti muttered something about him needing opposable thumbs so we need to start training him for that! As you can see from the video, we are already practicing many different wrestling strategies. My first aim is to escape from under him....

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