Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Äiti was home again today but let me sleep longer. We were all a bit upset s Tuomo-veli walked into the hospital ward and Aila-sisko was growling away at him so he just attacked her again. Her ear was torn bit but Äiti could not see any bites, and luckily her naughty kneecap seems okay. But she was very upset (and had a little accident too). Stran-veli was 'super lovely fluff' and stayed under the bed with her trying to calm her down once Äiti had manoeuvred Tuomo away and given him more medicine. Then of course she came back bleeding, but managed to give Aila cuddles. All had been going so well - we could keep the bedroom door open at night as Tuomo was asleep, but this morning he was a little too awake.
I do not know what to do to sort out these troubles in my kingdom. Äiti says she has ordered a special collar from ebay which will give a little shock to Tuomo if he goes to the wrong place near something called a 'transmitter'. She is not so happy about this but thinks at least Aila-sisko will be able to stay in one room where she will be safe from him and the doors can all be open so we can roam around freely. Trouble is Aila-sisko also growls at me, and I sometimes tease her a little bit and she has no sense of humour. I do not understand girlcats.


Maggie May said...

So sorry to hear this. Upset within the home is never fun and never easy to sort out. We think we have finally found our solution in Amitriptyline. We still have some hissing, but nothing as bad as it was. We are glad Aila's naughty knee cap is still in place. Hope her ear heals very soon.
Purrs and love,
Maggie May

Anonymous said...

how do u do?