Thursday, 11 March 2010

Again thank you for your good wishes. Aila-sisko has had her operation and is now sleeping under the duvet. She is not very happy and has ripped her dressing off twice (I am secretly impressed - I never managed this!). She has also sunk her teeth into Aiti when she was trying to help her because she was all confused from the drugs. We have been warned that she will not heal as easily as I did (I did not think it so easy!) as she is older and her muscles are 'thicker'. Surgery was on her right naughty kneecap: the left has healed on its own and hopefully she will not need another operation. We have some photos, but will post them tomorrow when we have the computer back.


Maggie May said...

I am so glad to hear she came out of surgery and is recovering. Sorry to hear she has ripped off her dressing (twice!) and sunk her teeth into Aiti. Ouch! I liked to rip my dressing off too. Mom tried to outfit a sock to go over it and sprayed it with bitter apply spray. Finally I ended up with the dreaded cone over my head and mom having to take me to work with her so she could keep an eye on me.

I am so glad to hear her other knee has healed itself. That is certainly good news!

Sending Aila lots and lots of healing vibes!!!

Sirpa said...

Get well soon Aila!