Saturday, 20 February 2010

We have been welcoming Mirksu into our family, and so far there have just been a few hisses. Tuomo-veli is not so happy because his plans to be top cat have been squashed as he realises Mirsku-veli is much bigger than him. I have no such worries because I know I am King of this Land, and after a few nose rubs I have been very gracious and sociable to the rather large kotikissa who arrived on our doorstep, without invitation!
So far he has been exploring upstairs, and not quite fitting into the cat beds we have.
He tried to come downstairs but was worried about Tessie-kilpikonna who had woken up and wandered around looking for some food.
I decided not to tell Mirsku that she is just a walking rock who eats lettuce and I have sat on her many times, just in case he gets the same idea and Äiti does not forgive him (or me) for crushing the tortoise.

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Kuovi said...

So your äiti couldn't resist those poor, lonely cats in Raahe this time either ;D Your new brother is SO cute and cuddly so I can totally understand her!