Thursday, 25 February 2010

We had some peace and quiet when Äiti took Mirsku-veli to ystävämme eläinlääkäri for his rokotus. He was back far too soon. Äiti said he was silent the whole journey, which means he has saved up his voice and we will have problems sleeping again tonight. Maybe the vaccination will make him feel sleepy. He has been very playful and last night Äiti wondered what on earth was going on when I was wrestling with him on the bed. Well, it was more like a bit of paw-biffing as I must go on steroids before I can wrestle with him ! Äiti says he is only 7.6kg now - which is a surprise as we have discovered he has quite a healthy appetite and is now joining us downstairs for food.
Lewis-veli is coming out a little more, and creeps onto the sofa when he thinks Äiti has disappeared. This is very strange because he loves being tickled, but only when he is hiding in a box somewhere.
Harris-veli is here on my heated blanky. He is not looking so happy as he was having a nice snooze and has been woken up by the camera. He will always run and hide, but earlier this week Äiti was so happy when he actually walked towards her for some new treats which have been sent over by Carolyn-täti from England.
And Aila-sisko is a little calmer because Tuomo-veli is busy trying to work out what to do about Mirsku so he is not chasing her so much. She is scared of her new isoveli but he has been ignoring her - which is a very good attitude to have towards a girlcat!
However I have noticed that Äiti is giving her extra treats and every morning she is allowed to lick the spoon from Äiti's breakfast. This does not seem fair on the rest of us and if I liked yoghurt I would be very unhappy and jealous.


The Creek Cats said...

Oh wow! Aila-sisko is a beauty! We love her face markings!

Sirpa said...

Lovely Mirsku cat! :)