Sunday, 7 February 2010

We are having a lazy weekend - well Äiti is sat watching videos all the times so we are sleeping a lot too. It is snowy and cloudy outside so there is no reason to go out exploring or be racing around. Especially as Tuomo-veli is lying on my heated blanky and I am trying to work out how to move him without getting biffed.
We were annoyed that Äiti went out yesterday and watched films and ate pizza with some girl cats. And she gave them one of our finest catnip cigars. I have never eaten pizza, so must make sure she gets some here in our house, and not go running off to little the girl cats' house. Especially as when she comes back she always tells us how neat and tidy they are. I do not believe this - Aila-sisko is a girl cat and she leaves fur everywhere, and she makes silly crying noises and then says Tuomo-veli is to blame.
Here she is pretending to beat up Harris-veli. Now Harris is a really gentle, scared little Brit cat who runs from his own shadow, so it was not nice of Aila-sisko to grab hs throat. However he did seem to enjoy it and was very happy with the catnip apple he was protecting.
I must admit, if I had claws like he does I would not run from my shadow, I would be the most well-armed King Kitty Cat in ALL of Finland I think!


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I love the play fight and know that there was no hurty meant. Just fun.. Great pictures... Hugs GJ x

Catnapped said...

You should learn to like brushing. It is not that bad ...

We really appreciate the cigar too.