Thursday, 25 February 2010

We are becoming sleep deprived! Mirsku-veli likes the sound of his own voice at about 2am each day. I have been trying to play with him but he is of course frightened by my huge strength, speed and power, so we are not up to full scale wrestling yet (which is a good thing perhaps as he does weigh nearly 8kg). He is now eating well and enjoys playing with toys (my toys, of course, which I am very happy to share - provided he plays nicely and leaves my favourite mouse alone).
I heard Äiti mention the 'rokotus' word: I hope he also gets a few sleeping pills so we can have a quiet night.


The Creek Cats said...

Sorry you guys are getting much sleep. When our Rambler came here after spending his life on the streets, he would keep everyone up a night meowing. It took a little time, but now he lets us all sleep.

Carolyn said...

Poor sleepy pusses!

Now you know how Aiti feels when you play games through the night!