Friday, 19 February 2010

Something of huge significance has happened and I am needing to ponder my diplomatic skills. We have a new member of perheemme. Äiti left us to go to Raahe, where Tuomo-veli came from and now we have Miira-veli ! This is very strange as Miira is a girl-cat name, and he is very definitely a boy cat. He walks with a huge swagger, and was clearly the top tom in Raahe, but his pieni pallot (which maybe were not so tiny) were removed a short time ago. Äiti cannot pronounce his name properly so we shall call him Mirsku.
Tuomo-veli has hissed at him and run away but Stran-veli hs had a bottom sniff and nose nuzzle. Harris-veli was very brave with a sniff, and Aila-sisko did sniff a bit but ran off like a girl-cat would. I am keeping a respectful distance as befits my royal status; Mirsku is 7.7kg and it would not do to rush things.
However he has settled in well, and discovered the catnip apple I had hidden under the bed. He seems to be having a very good time.


Carolyn said...

Welcome to the family Miirsku!

I hope you all help him settle in well. Nice to see he has discovered the joys of catnip already.

The Creek Cats said...

Wow, Mirsku is such a handsome boy! Welcome to the family, new friend!!