Monday, 8 February 2010

I have been coughing a little and Äiti has said I need kissanmallas to help me. Trouble is she puts it on my paws so I always try to do a little dance to stop her. I would happily eat it from slices of poro or lohi, but no she has to do it the cheap way. She should be grateful that I am washing my tummy furs so much that I get fur balls, so that she does not have to fight me with the diabolical comb. Maybe I show her how grateful I am with a furball in the bed later.


The Creek Cats said...

Maggie May used to take a glucosamine supplement that came in a tube and our mom would squirt it on her paw. She didn't like it at all and would fling the stuff across the room with the shake of her paw.

Catio Tales said...

Hehehe. Good ol' Maggie May! I did this once with this kitty malt but have decided I quite like it. I love my daily tablet treats for my naughty patella. Nuzzles to my favourite Maggie May, Punapippuri xxx