Monday, 1 February 2010

Äiti has been sitting at the computer not letting me blog, but I did look at her photos as she was sorting them out (she needs more room on the machine for more pictures of me, of course!).
It was very strange seeing perheni from some years ago and I was really confused by this picture:
This was Stran-veli!!!! Where is his belly fluff?
Äiti says it is a very strange story but when she first met him he had short fur!!!! This is hard to believe now, and she has never heard it happen before. When he came home with her he was very thin and ate 4 packs of Latz at each meal. He never left any food in his bowl and he weighed very little. She said he waited for her at the top of the stairs whenever she came home, and was desperate for food. He did have both eyes but was blind in one (which she said the vet in England removed because he was getting headaches, and he was much happier afterwards). He cannot see properly from his other eye but it has not got worse - originally Äiti was told he would probably go blind in it but we are very happy that this has not happened. He manages very well with 'half an eye'.
Anyway, in a couple of months of having regular meals with Äiti, Stran-veli's fur began to grow and he became The Fluff. Luckily he has got used to washing his long fur, and now it is his daily exercise.
He has also had to have some teeth out and this has changed his smile, but Äiti says he is still the gentlest, friendliest boy in the world - and he has been very good with 'naughty kittens like you and Aila were'. Huh! This is a cheek but as she was being nice about Stran-veli I shall not mind so much.

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The Creek Cats said...

That's a very neat story of Stran-veli and his magically appearing fluff! He has very beautiful fluff now!