Saturday, 16 January 2010

We have had great fun and games, made mostly by ourselves as Äiti has been very boring and at work. We did however have some lovely visitors yesterday who saved us and we were playing beautifully and energetically. Stran-veli was especially lively which was a little bit suspicious, and Äiti was not so happy with them. She had baked yummy omena pulla for our friends, and when she left them to cool in the kitchen, someone had a nibble. Well, not just a nibble - they had eaten half of a whole one. Äiti had noticed earlier that Stran had been washing and washing his front paws, and the nwhen he began racing around like pikku pentu, she knew he was on a sugar-high. He was not so happy later when he had some bad tummy ache and we are not looking forward to sharing our litter tray with him later!
Tuomo-veli is perfecting the sly smile here. It will not work - I will always be able to knock him off his perch. He thinks he is top cat, but I know who really rules the roost.
And here of course is Aila-sisko looking mean as only a girl-cat can. She may be great friends with Harris-veli right now, but we know not to trust her because she will biff and tease us, and then go crying to Äiti if we dare respond, or even just look at her! It is hard being a boy-cat: we always get the blame!

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