Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Personal grooming is something I am becoming very proud of. The diabolical comb has not appeared recently, and perhaps this is because I am spending more time taming my beautiful furs. After all, when fur is so glorious as mine, it has to be cared for. Especially as Äiti has told me I am going somewhere special tomorrow. I am not sure where this is but Stran-veli was just grinning at me and I thought I heard the word 'vaccination' but I do not know what this means. He said it was something to do with making a big hole with a metal stick; maybe it is ice-fishing and will be really yummy.
Aila-sisko was so lucky that Tuomo-veli did not see her when this picture was being taken - one push from his mighty paw and she would have had a bath. Äiti was not happy to see her adventuring down into the human litter tray but decided not to clean it while she was using it. Why is Äiti kind to girl-cats and not us?

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The Creek Cats said...

You always make us laugh, Punapippuri. We hope for your sake it is ice-fishing! You funny mancat!