Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's got very cold outside with a nasty wind so I am trying to keep warm. Äiti must by me a heated bed or blanket to help my naughty patella. Afterall she has not been out to collect the owls i caught, and she was also very lat feeding us breakfast (we had to wait patiently this morning until 6.04am - this is clearly unacceptable to us but we were well behaved and only clawed her leg once). But maybe all this leaves me not best pleased. She has also moved one of our cat trees away from my map so I can no longer ensure that I protect my kingdom by ripping up everyone else. She says I should learn more diplomacy, and that I am young and wreckless. I will show her wreckless - at 3am with a four-paw-claw attack under the duvet!

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The Creek Cats said...

MOL!! Too funny!
Think we like your idea of diplomacy better, Punapippuri! Maggie May says heating pads are very good for naughty patellas!