Saturday, 23 January 2010

I have been very attentive today while Äiti was watching a Shakespeare play on television, all about Denmark which is not too far from Finland but was full of mad people. I paid it the compliment of sleeping through most of it, on top of Äiti with her tickling my furs. It was a very good, long sleep, only disturbed by Tuomo-veli wanting to get in on some of the action and taking my place while I did some stretches and a quick visit of the newly cleaned litter trays. I am not sure what I thought of the play but apparently it is great literature and good for my education.
Later I showed how clever I am by rescuing a treat which Äiti had stupidly dropped in her glass. As you can see it took great effort and ingenuity to liberate the tasty morsel.
But finally I did succeed, which makes me the most intelligent, literate king kitty cat of Finland (north) right now.
Afterall, I did not spill a drop of drink. When Aila-sisko wants something from the glass she just knocks it over but I think this lacks style. But it does mean she does not get orange juice on her whiskers......


Maggie May said...

You are very talented!!

Catio Tales said...

And you are very beautiful Maggie May >>o.o<<