Thursday, 21 January 2010

I have added the word 'vaccination' to my warning list. It means rokotus. This was not a nice journey at all! No ice fishing, no nice warm food - just hours and hours of hell in that metal thing on wheels Äiti disappears in each day, and then meeting strange animals in a strange room before seeing ystävääme eläinlääkäri who is very nice but each time I go it is harder to be nice because I hate it so much! Still, at least I was able to come home straight away, which is better than before when I had my operation.
And I was of course a big brave boy. I made Äiti feel so much better by singing loudly all the way there, and most of the way back. She wonders why I don't sing at home, but it is good to save my voice for emergencies. Eläinlääkäri says I am the perfect weight, and most handsome. I of course know this but it is nice to be recognised. She says my naughty patella is doing well, but my muscles are a little weak on both legs and I need to be careful. Huh - I do not know what she means - there is nothing weak about Punapippuri, king kitty cat of Finland (north). I have been a brave Finncat, out in the wild winter winds and temperatures of -18'C today; I have had a huge needle stuck in me, and I am now going to have a well-earned sauna before a meal of whitefish and catnip! This is after I have used Äiti's leg as a scratching post so I can show her who is boss.


Carolyn said...

Well done, you big brave handsome boy! I think you should now wait a long long time before using your singing voice again!

The Creek Cats said...

Punapippuri, king kitty cat of Finland (north), you always make us laugh and smile. You are such a brave kitty!!!

You certainly deserve a nice sauna after that experience!