Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I am pleased to report Äiti has stayed with us and we were not abandoned again overnight. However we did not get nearly enough food and we did try to persuade her at 'brunch time' that she had forgotten breakfast and pleaded with starving kitten eys which she cruelly ignored. Now she says she was to do some work as she will be leaving us tomorrow to start to 'earn a living' again. This is a strange idea, but the Britcats said it means she might be glued to the computer for a while so I best blog quickly.
Aila-sisko has been having some cosy chats with Harris-veli and he is getting quite fond of her. Not as fond as he is of Stran-veli (he sneaks upstairs to try to sleep next to him most nights). And as you can see, I am still as friendly with Tuomo-veli.
My paws are extra strong here and this is a very good way to do stretches. He sometimes gts all bitey so I have to be careful. And then after a work out the best thing to do is to chill, like Stran-veli. Only he forgot to do the work out bit.

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The Creek Cats said...

We love to see everyone getting along!!! Very cute!