Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Can you see that I am looking a little bit angry ? Äiti LEFT US for two whole nights (that is 18 sleeps at least in cat terms). She went off on a train to visit other people, and I even think some other cats. Okay, we were left with big piles of food and some lovely cat-sitters came to feed us (do not tell Äiti but they gave us more food than she intended - hehehe). I however was not happy so produced the biggest litter tray present I could possibly squeeze out.
She came back last night and after the initial relief and need for head rubs, we all decided to ignore her for a few minutes. I did have to keep checking that she was still there and woke her up every so often over night - just in case she had gone away again. I think it was a mean thing to do to us. The Britcats said she has done it before - and once she even took all the furniture and her possessions! A week later they came to Finland so it was worth it, but it really is very distressing - even if you have lovely visitors who make a fuss of you.


Maggie May said...

So sorry to hear you were abandoned, sweet friend! I'm glad she is back so you can ignore her for a little while, hehehe!
Purrs and headbonks,
Maggie May

Carolyn said...

You DO look cross! I hope you were a bit more gracious when your visitors were looking after you! And be nice to Aiti... she misses you too.

Purrs and dazed-catnip-wobbles from your Britcat Cousins Bramble and Treacle.